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Dance is deeply Spiritual for Hanne Isabel. It's then she really connects with the Energies that surround us.


It is naked and vulnerable, but powerful. 


Hanne Isabel started dancing when she was 4 years old.

She has a background in Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Dance (Folk dance, Jazz, Freestyle, Hip Hop, etc.) She has over 25 years experience only in dance. (In addition to 10 years as an active competitive Gymnast.) She worked as a dancer for several years and was on her first tour of Norway in 1989. This was the start of a long dance career (in Hip Hop and Acrobatic) where she has performed both domestically and International, on various shows and tours (For example, Coca Cola, Miss Universe, Miss Norway, The Unbeatable Dance and Acrobatics show, The Urban Night show, View Models Dance and Fashion shows and in addition there have been various other mini-tours and single shows.


In 2001 she began to show interest in oriental dance and was very fascinated by both the rhythms and dance form! And it was a nice contrast to the explosive energy level as she had previously been in the dance. With the oriental dance techniques she developed further as a dancer. She worked as a professional Belly Dancer with the Artist Name "Nenah" for 8 years with appearances on big and small events for corporate events and festivals.



NB! 18.01.2023
Hanne Isabe
l is currently not performing due to some health issues.


Photo of previous dancework.

Stage Performance by Hanne Isabel Thorsdalen
Stage Performance of Hanne Isabel Thorsdalen
Stage Performance of Hanne Isabel Thorsdalen
Backstage photo of Hanne Isabel Thorsdalen
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