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Hanne Isabel Thorsdalen Styhr (born 1970 in Norway). 


Thorsdalen tok her Art training at University of South-Eastern Norway, 2007 - 2012(MA degree). She is also educated as a WebDesigner and worked as one for many years before continuing her studies in Art studies.

Hanne Isabel works in an abstract expressionist perspective, but sometimes with figurative elements that appears and which she chooses to enhance. Her work often includes layers of paint in different thicknesses to bring out the depth and expression of the image.


Her Art comes through life's challenges. It's sadness and heavy moments, but also joy of life and playfulness. This nurtures her work, and many of them begin in her head in advance, several days before she start working with them. This in form of colors, pictures and energy. This she works intuitively with, when she continues the work in the studio.

Each painting is a journey of subconsciousness. She never really knows how the painting will end, and that's what she finds both fascinating and challenging.


Digital Grapics:
In addition to the abstract paintings, she also works digitally with Digital Graphic Art(D.G.A.) projects and a combination of painting, Photo and Digital Graphic. She photographs the paintings and work further with them in Photoshop, add new elements and merge them into her work. This gives her an opportunity to create completely unique Art and to create an expression she aspires. 

Sculpture/ Ceramics:
In addition to paintings  and Digital Work, she also works with sculptures and artefacts in ceramics and porcelain. Creating life to a surface, seeing a sculpture come to life, is a deep passion for her.
In the firing techniques Raku and Barrel Firing, she works with the Elements to create expressions in the surface, other times it is the clean and pure porcelain surface that let the shape speak for it self that fascinates her.

Hanne Isabel is also a trained Silversmith , but dont`t work as that anymore.
She used to make feminine Jewelery in Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Filled Wire. You can sense her inspiration from the Art Nouveau style period with references to the organic forms of Nature. Her techniques are old historical like Filigree and Wire Sculpture. Techniques that we can find all the way back in ancient Egypt.

Photo of Hanne Thorsdalen

Photo: Cybeleno 2023

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